Custom WindBreaker Jackets

FoxedoSprots is introducing custom windbreaker jackets! These stylish and lightweight jackets are perfect for any activity, whether hitting the trails or running errands. Our customized windbreaker jackets are ideal for staying warm and dry outdoors. They are made of durable, water-resistant materials that will keep you comfortable in all weather conditions, and we manufacture them with your design, logo, color, and style. As a result, we’re confident you will find the perfect option for your requirements.

custom windbreaker
Design:OEM and ODM
Fabric Type:

Polyester / Nylon / PVC / PU

Fabric Specification:Comfortable, Breathable, Durable, Moisture-Wicking, Quick-Dry

US – EU or Custom Sizes as per your Size Chart

Logo:Heat Transfer, Silk-screen Printing, Silicone Gel, Sublimated
Color / PrintingMulti Color Fabric / Sublimation
Packing:1pc/polybag, or as your requirements
Shipping:DHL, Fedex, UPS, Sea shipment
Delivery time:Sample within 7 to 10Days, Order Depends on your Quantity
Payment terms:

T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bank Transfer

Customize windbreaker Jackets

Nothing beats a good quality windbreaker jacket to keep you warm and dry during windy or rainy weather. So when looking for the perfect windbreaker jacket manufacturer who uses high quality lightweight, durable material, look no further than FoxedoSprots. Our clothing production team has years of experience in designing and manufacturing custom windcheater jackets tailored to our client’s needs. So whether you need a jacket for hiking, camping, or everyday wear, we can create a unique design that meets your specific requirements.

windbreaker jacket features


The ultra-light windbreaker jacket features a full zip front or quarter zip, buttons, elasticated cuffs and hem, two zippered hand pockets, and a stowaway hood that can be pulled out when needed. So, the ultra-light windcheater jacket is an excellent choice whether you're hitting the trails or running errands.

custom windbreaker jacket for teams

When outfitting your team, school, or organization, you want them to look their best. But you also want them to be comfortable and perform their best. That’s why custom sublimated windbreaker jackets are a perfect choice. They allow your group to adapt to their conditions and stand out. In addition, We manufacture and supply sublimated jackets in colors and designs of your choice, so athletes can design a perfect look to match their team’s wear or exceptional style. We produce per your order and will fit each team member perfectly.

Whether you’re looking for a new wind jacket for yourself or your team, check out the custom options from FoxedoSports, a reputable manufacturer in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and Europe.

Sublimated custom windbreaker jackets no minimum

Our lightweight jackets are made of sprayproof nylon that is customizable with sublimation printing. There is no minimum order quantity for sublimated jackets, and the design can be printed on the entire garment. The print quality is exceptional, making it ideal for corporate events or teams.

Wholesale windbreaker jackets 

Our low-cost yet high-quality wholesale windbreaker jackets are an excellent choice for promotional giveaways or uniform items for individuals and businesses.

A custom windcheater jacket is a great way to show your support for a company, varsity team, sorority, or fraternity. These wind jackets are manufactured with premium quality nylon sprayproof designed to last so that you can wear them in any windy, snowy, or rainy condition without any worry.

Sprayproof Nylon

When it comes to customizing your product, the sky's the limit. With sprayproof nylon, you can create any look you desire. This lightweight fabric is perfect for adding your own personal touch to any item. To create a one-of-a-kind design, sprayproof nylon is the perfect choice for a tough and sturdy fabric that can bear a lot of wear and tear. It's lightweight but also super strong and resistant to tearing. Plus, it's machine washable without fading or losing its shape. You'll love the unlimited design possibilities this fabric provides!

Production Process in Detail

Before starting bulk production, we will thoroughly review your windbreaker jacket to avoid any mistakes during production. We note everything with photos and Tech Packs, from designing to cutting and sewing, ensuring that you are happy with the final product and that it meets your expectations. We have a lot of experience with this type of garment, and we will use that to your advantage.

Custom Styles as Per your Requirement

As a custom windbreaker jackets manufacturer, we can make your jacket for men, women, and children with or without a Hood, zipping, Stand Collar, loose-fitting, or Printing. We guarantee you will get the final product exactly as you want. You can customize the color, style, material, and sizes per your requirement so that we can make the perfect fit. Whether you order jackets for your brand, online stores, or wholesale business. We will assist you in crafting the perfect one.

Pattern and Mockup

We will make a pattern according to your provided detail and size chart, and our designer will design a Mockup for your better understanding of how the final product will look alike.

History Of Windbreaker Jacket

The windbreaker, known as the windcheater jacket for women and men in Great Britain, has a history of more than 500 hundred years and has become the first informal outfit in artic condition back in the 1970s. It descended from a parka known as a puffer jacket or winter jacket worn by the arctic indigenous people of Alaska, Greenland, and Canada. Even though “Anorak” interprets the Danish word ” Inuit” as “Annoraaq.”

In the history of Parka, their version of the story is that they were made by the animal skin, either seal or caribou ( member of the deer family), and worn skin side outward and hair side inward to keep the warm trap for insulation purposes. In the earlier twenties, the modified version of the Parka entered in sports wardrobe after being adapted by western polar explorers. First, parkas became winter sportswear, later used as ordinary outdoor wear in winter. Then, after World War II, nylon and other fabrics replaced the skin, making it thinner, lighter-weight, and waterproof. Finally, in the 70s, Anoraks and many other winter Jackets became popular among youngsters because of their functional and elegant outwear.

Modern Windbreakers

The Modern personalized windbreaker jackets are rubberized, oiled, or treated with waterproof coating and made of nylon, Polyester Cotton, or a mix of Nylon Cotton. In addition, these waterproof jackets are designed stormproof and seams to make them leakproof to the rain. The latest version is extended in length to cover buttocks, elasticized cuffs, and a folded hood with a drawstring that can be detachable or fit into the collar.

How We Can Help You As A Windbreak Manufacturers

Every client has different requirements for producing a windbreaker. Therefore, we patiently check and communicate with every client to understand their need. You have to send us a photo and size chart, and you have to choose accessories and fabrics, and our design team will prepare a Tech Pack for you before the sample production. Then, after your sample approval, we will start mass production. 

Customize Windbreaker Jacket

We can customize the Winderbreaker jacket to match your brand image; You can ask us to place your Logo, Labels, and Tags before Quoting you the final price. We will aou throughout the process and keep you updated during production.

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